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Home Brewing


Beer – just the word itself gives rise to visions of frothing mugs, of chilled drinks and bars and pubs, of a gathering of friends and drinks and barbeques. There are many types of beers available all over the world, and often each country has it’s own favourite brew, and you will find innumerable people who will disagree with the popular choices.
If you love beer and love beer of a certain type, then explore the realm of brewing your own at Home Brew Online. It sounds difficult, but it really is fairly simple and you can enjoy exactly the type of beer you want.
Let us first remove certain common misperceptions about home-brewed beer. It is not stronger than market beer – it is as strong as you would like to make it – that is all. Bottles do not explode when you make beer, unless you bottle it before it finishes fermenting. Hangovers from home-brewed beer are no greater than market beer hangovers – the hangover is dependent on your total consumption – and nothing else.
The ingredients required are very few – just four to be exact – water, yeast, barley and hops. Barley for the sugar that is extracted from it, the bitterness comes from the hops and the yeast is the fermentation agent and of course the water which needs to be added.
There are many types of equipment available in the market which makes home-brewing of beer a cinch. For the novices we have starter kits – and you can add more professional appendages as you become more proficient. At the simplest level all you need is a fermenter and the home-brew concentrate, dextrose or glucose if you prefer that and you are ready to brew your own concoction.
Relax, and enjoy doing this and then share it with your friends. Can you think of a better way to enjoy your favourite liquid refreshment?

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Reading Beer Festival


This year’s Reading Beer Festival is scheduled for
Wednesday 27th April – Sunday 1st May 2011

Over 500 real ales, 200 ciders and perries, and a large selection of foreign beers and English wines are expected to be available
Provoisional times and prices are

Wednesday 27 April: 18.30 – 23.00: £7
Thursday 28th April: 11:00 – 23:00: £8
Friday 29th April: 11.00 – 23.00: £10
Saturday 30th: 11.00 – 23.00: £10
Sunday 1st May: 12.00 – when we run out of beer: £3

Admission £3 Weds-Sat, £1 Sunday for members of CAMRA, EBCU or RURACS.

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Discount Codes


Whether you’re buying online or at a High Street off licence, it’s well worth checking out is there are any discount codes or vouchers available. Some retailers have regular discounts for online shopping as long as you enter the appropriate voucher code. A quick search online is always worthwhile and can often save you ten or twenty percent of the purchase price.

Often retailers will also offer free delivery on presentation of an appropriate voucher code.

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Britain’s Best Bitter


Britains Best Bitter

Hop Back Brewery’s Entire Stout has been named as Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Britain at the National Winter Ales Festival in Manchester.

The Wiltshire Brewery’s stout, beat a number of other stouts and ales from across the country. The award was made by a panel of beer writers, members of the licensed trade and CAMRA members.

The winter beer will go forward to the final of the Champion Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court in London in August.

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Sussex Beer Festival


Sussex Beer Festival 2011-10-16
21st Sussex Beer & Cider Festival
Hove Centre, Hove
10-12 March

Session times and prices are:

Thursday evening 5pm – 11pm £4
Friday lunchtime 11am – 3pm £2
Friday evening 5pm – 11pm £7
Saturday lunchtime 11am – 3pm £4
Saturday evening 5pm – 10pm £6 (£3 concessions)